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FuelPrime is a user friendly solution that provides the fully functional management of the station forecourt. Use FuelPrime Console to collect the data from sensors and probes: fuel and gas levels and transmit the readouts to Customer Portal via Internet.

Station management:

  • Online alarming
  • Supervision of stock, sales and supply
  • Refill supervision

HQ Office:

  • Oversight of warehouse supplement
  • Scheduling of operationsZakazivanje operacija
  • Intelligent delievery helps in efficent planning of deliveries based on model consumption predictions.

HQ Office - Controls:

  • Advanced Auto-calibration
  • Calibration of pistols, monitoring of faults
  • Trend analysis, imbalances
  • Harmonization of supplies
  • Harmonization of deliveries
  • Leakage detection

Official website of FuelPrime solution by AIUT:

FuelPrimepdf dokument (9.31MB)